High-speed FPGA


High-speed FPGA.

This is complex module

  • High-speed counter up to quad 1GHz count rate
  • Arbitrary signal generator with 500ps minimum pulse with and 5ps resolution
  • Synchronous delay generator with 5ps resolution
  • Quantum cryptography engine with high-speed classical channel and data transfert
  • Fast TDC with resolution downto 50ps
  • Real time and/or multiple histogramm
  • or any of your own applications.


  • Quad input easy-phi standard
  • Quad output easy-phi standard
  • Two clock input easy-phi standard
  • Up to 6GHz sampling rate
  • generation and distribution of powerful and flexible clock
  • Input 4:4 cross point for over sampling rate up to 20GHz
  • Adjustable delay for each input and output with 5ps resolution
  • Logical OR between output for precise pulse generation
  • Two SPF cage for data aquisition, Ethernet, classic channel in cryptography
  • Up to 4GByte of DDR3 memory for data storage
  • LED for signal activity


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Module datasheet, schematics in PDF, Bill of material, KiCad project