Low-cost dual 100MHz discriminator with counter


The Two-channel Low cost discriminator converts any signal type to the easy-phi signalling standard. Each channel as a true 100MHz counter.


  • Two channel with easy-phi standard output
  • 100MHz maximum output
  • 5ns minimum input pulse width
  • ±5V maximum input
  • Selectable 50Ω or HiZ input
  • Selectable AC or DC coupling
  • Input offset adjustment (for ECL compatibility)
  • Threshold adjustment
  • Pulse or state output
  • Preselection for standard input (NIM, ECL, TTL, LVPECL)
  • Dual output for each channel (Fan out)
  • 100MHz counter on each channel
  • LED for signal activity


This module is under open licence.


Fully tested and functional.


Module datasheet, schematics in PDF, KiCad project