Low cost dual 10MHz counters with TTL I/O converter


The Two-channel low cost 10MHz counters with two TTL outputs and one TTL input to easy-phi signal converter.


  • Two easy-phi standard to TTL output channels (channel A & B)
  • 10MHz maximum input for channel A and B
  • 500ps minimum input pulse width for channel A and B
  • Frequency generator on channel C at 10MHz, 5MHz, 2MHZ and below
  • Conversion from easy-phi standard to TTL, channel A and B
  • Conversion from TTL to easy-phi standard, channel C
  • 100MHz maximum input for channel C, High-Z
  • LED for signal activity
  • Low cost


This module is under open licence.


Fully tested and functional


Module datasheet, schematics in PDF, KiCad project