Rack 5 slots


This frame can contain up to 5 electronics modules.

Its main frame is the Ratiopac PRO 3HE/28TE/315T from Schroff. The rack depth is 31.5cm, its height 13cm and its width 16cm. One module being 5HP wide and the rack 28HP, the 3HP remaining are used to display the rack status.

figure 1: 28F rack drawing

This rack is ventilated by a fan on the rear panel.

figure 2: our first prototype


  • 5 Slots rack
  • 150 or 250 Watts versions
  • Fan for low power disipation
  • Power and temperature supervisor
  • 100Mbit Ethernet


This rack is under open licence.


Fully tested and functional.


Rack datasheet, schematics in PDF, KiCad project